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Angel Learning Center

Angel Learning Center is an accredited private learning center that provides a premier early education and child care experience for children and families. Our Owners, Leadership Teams and School Staff partner with parents to help build the right foundation for future learning and successful, happy lives.


The idea of higher learning in young children arose with a trip to India. India has a rich culture of approximately 1.3 Billion people who mostly live in poverty. The amazing facts were not that of the poverty levels but that of the education levels. Children in India are exposed to Science and Math at a young age; around the years of 2-3. Because it is their culture standard to create a unique curriculum. So when we wanted to replicate this process in America, we started with Angel Tutoring Center.

Five tutors pushed the comprehension and understanding of 10-15 students ranging from 5-12 years old. The younger children actually understood the life cycle of a plant cell when explained in detail to them. The process was reinforced using a video tutorial, as well as a microscope. That moment, when experiencing the pupils complete understanding of this fascinating process, is what lead to the growth and manifestation of Angel Learning Center.