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Mo Southern

Mo' Southern Coffee

135 Goshen Rd Ext. , Suite 251
Rincon, GA 31326

In June 1983, a high school kid in rural Georgia was working on the family farm. The sun was going down and he didn’t know what his future held. He heard the phone ring in the distance. Could it be? No, he wasn’t going to be that lucky. He took the test to get into the Air Force, but he didn’t think he was good enough to be accepted. Who was he but just a country kid, born to parents that worked day and night on the farm just to provide for their children. Just then, his mom comes running out of the little house where she and her husband raised seven boys. “Morris, it’s that Air Force recruiter! You passed the test!”

And so it began. A long career as an Airman, traveling the world, supporting his country, and 23 years away from the one place he would always call home. In the Air Force, Morris learned about the value and the power of community. More importantly, his travels helped him appreciate the uniqueness of the American South… simple pleasures, love of God and country, the love of neighbors, the value of friendship.

After all the travel, all the achievements, all the adventure, this Georgia man knew to where he wanted to return – the American South.

Where Magnolias bloom, where farming is an art, and no one is a stranger.

The Mo’ Southern Collection was borne out of our love for simple pleasures, rich traditions and the beautiful south. We hope you will enjoy a cup of our signature coffee and be reminded of the past but even more joyful for the moments of today.

Mo’ Southern Coffee – Southern Roasted Goodness.