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Ian Schulte: Courage, Commitment & Community with Pooler Fire-Rescue

Ian Schulte: Courage, Commitment & Community with Pooler Fire-Rescue

“The only thing I’ve ever known since I was a small child is a life of service. The only thing I want to do is serve my adopted community because I absolutely love Pooler.”

Ian Schulte has been doing just that—serving his community and making a profound difference. The Northern Kentucky native has been on the Pooler Fire-Rescue team since 2018. Ian, a lieutenant at the department, is assigned to its tower ladder company; he also teaches new recruits.

“I’m just a guy trying to do my small part. There are plenty of guys in our department that do a tremendous amount of work—guys that I look up to,” he says.

A Life of Service

Ian is no stranger to service. He is a second-generation firefighter, as his dad Paul Schulte was the assistant chief of a fire department in Northern Kentucky—the same fire department where Ian began his career as a firefighter.

“I grew up watching him go to calls. I knew that’s what I wanted to do,” he says.

Along with being a career firefighter, Ian is a skilled emergency medical technician (EMT). Paul, too, was an EMT, along with Ian’s grandmother Eileen, making Ian a third-generation EMT.

“Growing up, all I knew were lights and sirens and helping the world around me,” he adds.

Ian feels he is not merely living out that childhood dream but also his purpose in life. “I believe I was put on this earth to be a firefighter. It all comes down to serving a greater purpose than myself. The job allows me to give back in ways I never anticipated. I’m not only having an impact on the community through services I give, whether [responding to] medical calls, building fires or car accidents, but I also help develop the mind frame and skill set of new firefighters,” he says.

A Few Good Men

Ian is thankful for the team of quality firefighters he is privileged to work alongside—individuals who selflessly and courageously give of themselves each day to make the community a better place to live—those who run toward the obstacles that others must run from.

“Pooler Fire-Rescue has the highest investing firefighters that I have ever worked with—guys who pride themselves in serving their community in the best ways possible and are willing and eager to do hard work. I love being with like-minded firefighters, officers and leaders who legitimately want to do a good job,” he says.

Commitment Counts

Under the leadership of Fire Chief Wade Simmons, Pooler Fire-Rescue is committed to offering citizens a team of reliable professionals who provide dependable fire services.

“The vision that the administration has set forth falls in line with my beliefs in how fire services should be. I’m proud of how aggressive we are when it comes to service. We also have some of the most well-designed equipment I’ve ever worked with,” Ian says. He appreciates the initiatives, resources and investments of Pooler’s dedicated officials who help make it all possible, including the city manager, mayor and city council.

Ian is looking forward to the ongoing growth and development of the organization that will continuously improve on services for Pooler’s rapidly growing community.

“I’m excited for the challenges and the opportunities that may come from that,” he says.

Beyond the Call of Duty

As for hobbies, Ian makes custom fire helmet shields. He enjoys working out, studying German and playing with his six dogs.

Ian is the president of a local firefighter fraternity —Black Sheep F.O.O.L.S (Fraternal Order of Letterhead Society). He also leads firefighter training groups and has enjoyed teaching at conferences across the country where firefighters learn the “strategies and techniques needed for the industry to remain at peak performance.”

Ian also received one of Kentucky’s most notable honors—membership of the Kentucky Colonels, a charitable nonprofit which “aids the Commonwealth and its citizens”; the Kentucky governor awards the honor to individuals who have made remarkable contributions to society through their service and achievements. Ian continues to go beyond the call of duty, which is why he exemplifies the Best of Pooler.

“At the end of the day, I love what I do; I love coming to work and serving the citizens of Pooler. It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to serve this community.”