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Clarence Wright’s Tree Service, LLC

Clarence Wright’s Tree Service, LLC

Clarence Wright’s Tree Service will complete any tree maintenance and service you need with honest, reliable, and affordable service. For more than two decades they have been serving commercial and residential customers throughout Effingham and Screven counties. A local company, owner Clarence Wright says “I am a homegrown country boy and have been here in Effingham all my life.”

Their commercial clients include the City of Pooler, Effingham County—including the Effingham County Board of Education—BB&T Bank, as well as many residential customers throughout the area.

Clarence says they are known for being prompt and reliable and in particular for their attention to detail. “We take good care of people’s homes and businesses, and customers really love the cleanup we provide, especially after a major work operation.”

Tree service also includes a professional evaluation of trees on a property. Clarence says, “Although we often need to remove trees and brush, we are also trying to preserve what’s left.” In particular he says, “I try to conserve all the Georgia Live Oak trees I can.”

They use the safest techniques and professional equipment to provide the best results for your property. Clarence Wright’s Tree Service is fully insured, including worker’s compensation, and they are the experts to call for all your land clearing and tree service needs.

Clarence says, “Our prices are very reasonable, and we will be glad to come out and access your tree or land clearing situation and provide you a free estimate.”

Available Services:

Tree Removal—They will arrive at your location promptly and fully equipped to safely and effectively remove trees so that your home and yard remain safe. When the tree removal has been completed, Wright’s will clean up and completely haul away all of the tree removal debris surrounding your property.

Tree Trimming—Because regular trimming allows your trees to continue growing healthy, Wright’s will assess and complete any tree trimming needed using their specialized equipment and experienced operators, who can complete the job safely and efficiently, including cleanup.

Land Clearing—Whether you’ve got a residential or commercial property, call Wright’s for their comprehensive land clearing services. Whether you need a clean up to begin a construction project or you simply want more usable space on your property, they will get the job done right the first time.

Stump Grinding—Eliminate stumps on your property with Wright’s stump grinding service, which will reduce the stump to chips and take it down to well below ground level. As a bonus stump grinding results in lots of chips of wood that can be used as mulch.

Mulching—Forestry mulching is a very cost effective way to clear overgrown brush and prevent invasive species in wooded areas. It can be a replacement for other land-clearing methods, such as bulldozing and burning. It also eliminates the expense of transporting and disposing of debris.

Bush Hogging & Mowing—Bush hogging means clearing lands of small trees and brush. It helps eliminate heavy brush to prepare land for farming, hunting, development, or whatever you need done.

Mowing—Pro mowing services saves you time and equipment maintenance and creates a more professional appearance.

Member of Concerned Citizens of Effingham charity group.
Wright’s Tree Service
(912) 655-2527