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Melissa McBride Stille of Stille-DeWitt Health Brokerage, LLC

Melissa McBride Stille Works for You!

Do you want to:

•          Have options

•          Save money

•          Have an expert work for you at no charge

•          And finally understand your health insurance?

Then pick up the phone and talk to Melissa McBride Stille. When you are passionate about your business and treat your clients like family, you have surpassed customer service and have become a vital service. As a health insurance broker, Melissa is exactly that—a vital service for the community, passionate about bringing her clients the best health care options available.

When it comes to health insurance, Melissa knows her stuff. She has been in the health insurance industry for 15 years, an independent insurance agent for five years and the sole proprietor of Stille-DeWitt Health Brokerage since 2020. As a specialist in Medicare, the federal health insurance program for recipients over and under 65, including those who have Medicare through Social Security Disability, Melissa can help navigate the sometimes difficult and complicated program. She also works with people utilizing the Health Insurance Marketplace® and some group insurances.

Not everyone’s needs are the same, therefore their plans and options will be different.“I do as much fact finding for individuals as I can because my clients range from 20 to 90 years old, and each one is different,” Melissa says. “I ask questions about doctors, prescriptions, anything relevant to learn my clients specific health care needs so I can make the best match.”

Insurance is complex and can be stressful for many people. Melissa will work with you to answer common questions such as:

•   What do I need to do ?

•   How do I plan for this ?

•   What factors do I need to consider?

•   When do I need to make changes?

•   How much will this cost ?

“Saving money is very important to most clients so I present multiple options enabling them to make educated decisions,” she says. “I am here to help at no charge to you. There is never a bill for my services because I am paid by the insurance companies. I work for my clients, not the insurance company.”

Health insurance rules, regulations and policy changes are constantly evolving on every level from federal to state and even county by county.

“I care about each and every one of my clients and I do a review of everyone’s health policies every year, because there are so many changes annually, to ensure you are getting the best possible policy for your current needs,” Melissa says.

Her commitment to her clients continues even after you enroll in a health care plan. “If you get a bill that you don’t understand, call me, text me a picture of it and together we will figure it out.”

 Melissa gives every client her cell number—it is even in all of her advertising so that every one, even future clients can feel comfortable reaching out to her. She lives locally and has an office in Effingham, but for the quickest response call her cell—(912) 239-7119.

“I look forward to getting your call and helping you determine your best health care options.”

Cell (912) 239-7119  |

[email protected]