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Down Home CrossFit & Pooler Day Spa: People are Our Passion!

Down Home CrossFit & Pooler Day Spa: People are Our Passion!


“There is a theme of health and wellness—self-care. We’re trying to help people find their best selves,” Sunny Clough states. Sunny is the owner of both Down Home CrossFit and Pooler Day Spa. The accomplished woman in business is a wife and mother of two little ones, so she appreciates the beauty of achieving a good balance in everyday life.

“When people take time to take care of themselves, it can feel like a selfish thing to do. They give and give to all the different avenues (family, job, education), but they never really give back to themselves … ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup.’ Having that good balance empowers them; then, they can be there for all the people they love. When we feel like we’re at our best, it’s motivating; it makes our lives better,” she says.

After being in the fitness industry for quite some time, Sunny opened the doors of Down Home CrossFit in March 2015. CrossFit’s High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has helped many people meet their fitness goals. The unique methodology has proved to be a successful type of physical training for countless individuals – firefighters, police officers, those serving in the military or just about anyone who appreciates a good, full-body workout.

Sunny, however, decided not to stop just in the fitness arena. She wholeheartedly believed that real self-care encompassed so much more. Hence, she purchased Pooler Day Spa from its previous owner in January 2021.

“When that avenue opened up, we saw how well it correlated with the business we already had while allowing us to further our passion for helping people. It really fits well because the concept is so different – you have the gym with its loud music, weights and [workouts], and then you have the spa with its peacefulness and relaxation. It all ties in well together with finding that balance,” she says.

Down Home CrossFit

Founded by Greg Glassman, CrossFit came on the scene over two decades ago. Glassman wanted to find more effective alternatives to traditional fitness methods. CrossFit incorporated principles from various fitness categories, including: HIIT cardio, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, plyometrics, calisthenics and gymnastics (to name a few). The concept became popular with police officers, firefighters and the military due to the comprehensiveness of the workouts; the hard-working community leaders have found great reward in the overall conditioning.

“It has taken over the way they go about their fitness training. It is a successful way to train without being super taxing on the body. It helps individuals be functionally prepared to handle whatever they have to deal with on a daily basis,” Sunny states.

The Down Home Advantage

The Down Home family takes sincere pride in what they do; they constantly strive to support the unique fitness goals of their customers.

 “Because we are truly a local, small mom-and-pop shop, you get a lot more individual attention versus the different franchises. You get a custom-tailored experience - authentic and hands-on. You’re part of a community,” Sunny says.

Most of Sunny’s coaches approached her about being a Down Home trainer after experiencing the benefits of CrossFit in their own lives. It is a testament to their commitment and love for what they do.

“The passion of our CrossFit coaches can’t be understated. They coach from the heart while helping others navigate the workouts. Most of them are in it because it changed their lives, and they want to give back. They believe in the method, the community and the workouts,” she says.

You Can Do It

There are many myths regarding CrossFit, namely the belief that an individual has to be very physically fit in order to endure a workout. The conditioning can be challenging. But, hey, it is a workout. The supportive team, however, is there every step of the way to help individuals gain comfortability and find the best pace for themselves.

The beauty of CrossFit is its flexibility and individual approach; workouts can be made as hard or as moderate as possible. Each workout typically lasts about an hour, which includes a warm up.

“You can do the classes at your own pace. The coaches help you through it. There is truly a good starting point for everybody. Just come in. Majority of CrossFitters had no experience when they first started. They were nervous and felt uncoordinated. If you have never lifted a weight or if you feel that you don’t know what you’re doing, that is okay! You are the person CrossFit was made for. You do have it within you to do something that’s successful,” Sunny states.

Pooler Day Spa

Sunny takes pride in the team of professionals at the spa. The ladies are passionate about what they do, while being knowledgeable about their craft. Each customer’s health and wellness is utterly important to them. Sunny appreciates the consistency of her staff, as they provide each customer with a unique experience.

“It’s about the people you meet the moment you walk in the door. It’s about the way you’re greeted by the front desk and by your provider. They are dedicated to the people that come in, and they love what they do. Their focus is always on you,” she remarks.

Pressing Pause

Almost anyone can appreciate the benefit of pressing the pause button on the busyness of life – taking a little time out for some much needed relaxation. Customers are thrilled to be able to leave the real world outside of the spa doors while they have their very own moment.

“It’s very relaxing and soothing when you walk through those doors; it’s like a weight is lifted. It’s a beautiful feeling to be able to leave the world outside. You can just be in the moment—no phone, no work, no questions—you can just ‘be,’” she says.

Spa Care Services

The spa offers a variety of services which utilize an array of organic products. Popular services include: massages, facials and waxes. Whether providing a light, therapeutic massage or a firm, deep tissue one, the staff is skilled in targeting just the right area that will bring relief to their clients. Various facials are also offered, including deep pore cleansing facials or those designed to address more in-depth skin care concerns; the competent estheticians are happy to help each person with their skin care needs. In addition, waxing services are popular - Brazilian waxes and beyond. The estheticians are able to do nearly any service the spa offers.

“They do have their individual niches, but you can book almost anything with them as long as it’s within their scope,” Sunny says.

Customers are able to purchase spa packages; these are “expertly designed packages that include massage and facial options paired with unique add-ons.” Such gifts will make almost any occasion memorable—birthdays, anniversaries or baby showers.

The team enjoys offering great goodies to their customers. On Mondays, or “Massage Mondays,” customers can participate in a giveaway for an add-on for any of the massage services. Wednesdays are “Wax Wednesdays,” where customers receive discounts on wax services. Fridays are “Facial Fridays,” and customers enjoy great offers on facials. Even more, Down Home members always receive 10% off of all spa services.


Q&A With The Staff at Pooler Day Spa

Sunny knows that, like Down Home CrossFit, Pooler Day Spa is only as great as its phenomenal staff. Here is what some of the spa team has to say:


What made you want to help people in this way?

I wanted to reach people in a holistic, healing way. I found that, personally, through massage therapy.

Why are you so passionate about what you do?

I want to give my clients a place to truly let go and find relaxation. Massage therapy helped me heal physically and emotionally. I want to give my clients that same kind of healing.


What is so beneficial about the services the spa provides?

“We focus on our client’s problem areas and help them escape life’s demands for a while. It’s important to reset and relax so that the body can heal.”

What is your specialization?

I have a background in neuromuscular massage therapy; I like giving therapeutic and sports massages with hot stones and cupping. I feel that improving a client’s range of motion gives them the best benefit in massage therapy.


What makes your spa so beautifully unique?

The team—everyone is so helpful. I absolutely love
the team that I work with!

Why is your job so important to you?

I love helping people feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. I love enhancing the beauty that God gave them.