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Estelle Ramos: Cultivating Young Women Purposefully

Estelle Ramos: Cultivating Young Women Purposefully

Story by Jane Grismer  |  Photography by Leidi Lester


In her role with Girls of Purpose, Inc., Estelle Ramos helps guide young women through faith-based enrichment programs to build character and confidence.

Coretta Scott King once said, “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members, a heart of grace, and a soul generated by love.”

Estelle Ramos lives these words every day in her life and work.

Founder and Executive Director of Girls of Purpose, Inc., Ramos—through the Girls of Purpose Organization—has been impacting others by creating a safe space for our young girls in Chatham County and surrounding areas to discover their purpose.


The need for a mentor in Ramos’ life as a child sparked her passion for Girls of Purpose. Further, Ramos noted, “girls are struggling with a lack of confidence, and self-motivation, to enter into spaces for which they have no exposure.”

Girls of Purpose equips and empowers young girls to contribute positively to their communities and the world at large.

Girls today face several challenges affecting their lives, including bullying, self-esteem issues, friend and peer pressure, insufficient sleep, loneliness, social pressure, teen pregnancy, and changes in family dynamics.

“We are partnering with our participant’s parents by providing a safe space for young girls to thrive while we teach them values and biblical principles to live by,” Ramos explained. “Learning to respect themselves, they will also be able to respect others.”

It is a place that gives a sense of belonging, strength, and well-being to anyone who walks through its doors.

Girls of Purpose provides a faith-based enrichment program for girls ages 8 to 12. There are currently 27 girls enrolled in the program, which aims to establish self-esteem and character development in adolescent girls so they discover the identity Christ gave them.

Ramos was born and raised in South Carolina and then moved to California for several years before her family relocated back to the South in 2016. At that time, she planted the seed for an organization that could grow with young girls in need and a surrounding community that could nurture it.

In 2018, after she had gotten accustomed to the area, Ramos began moving forward with what God had placed in her heart and started the nonprofit organization she envisioned. She founded the organization to empower young girls to be confident, self-sufficient, and faithful.

Building the Community

Since forming an organization as a nonprofit, she has maintained contact with the community and shared Girls of Purpose, Inc.’s mission with others.

“I just believed God gave me a hunger and a thirst to do more,” she said. “Our youth need us, and I longed for these young girls to be poured into—this is the result of me just doing my part.”

During the Saturday sessions, there are a variety of activities for the girls. These activities include prayer, bible-based lessons, group discussions, writing exercises, team-building activities, life skills, training in nutrition education, and cooking lessons.

In addition, counselors are available for young girls who need assistance with issues such as bullying, family difficulties, anxiety, and other problems they may experience as they navigate the world.

Ramos’ core values align with the organization’s: “To love God, treat others as I would like to be treated, and serve with integrity and respect.”

During Girls of Purpose, the girls enjoy themselves in a suitable environment where they can make friends, develop and sustain new relationships, and encourage each other. With fun team-building activities, Girls of Purpose provides girls with a healthy outlet for emotional and physical growth. The participants develop life skills and pursue their dreams through empowering activities that enable them to reach their full potential. Girls can gain self-confidence, learn communication and problem-solving skills, build leadership experience, and make meaningful connections with others.

The program also teaches how to cultivate inner beauty, strength, resilience, and confidence to cope with everyday stress. Upon completion, the students are more empowered, confident, and ready to take on the next phase of their lives.

Through these powerful activities and exercises, girls can build strong connections with each other and make a positive impact on their communities. As a bonus, adults in their communities see firsthand how these girls grow into strong young ladies.

“It’s so amazing to see the girls from when they came into the program to where they are now,” Ramos said. “How the girls are willing to get up in front of a group and give a speech or talk about themselves is so wonderful.”

When Ramos is not mentoring, her day-to-day activities include connecting and meeting with community partners, planning biweekly sessions, developing funding strategies, and assisting with meeting the needs of our neighbors without walls.

Community is the focus of Girls of Purpose. The program emphasizes collaboration, respect, and trust among its students. The organization also focuses on giving back to the community through volunteering.

Local Support

The encouragement and assistance of the local community enabled participants in Girls of Purpose to achieve feats they could never have imagined. Through the support of local businesses, civic organizations, and private donations, they can achieve big dreams, including organizing an annual gala.

In addition to celebrating Girls of Purpose’s accomplishments in the past year, the gala event is an inspiring reminder of what we can achieve when everyone works together.

At the event, participants from  the organization can share their stories and experiences with other attendees, which helps create a sense of community and support.

The biggest reward of this extraordinary Girls of Purpose event is seeing how the young girls have grown into empowered individuals living well, wisely, and with wisdom, fulfilling their dreams.

Girls of Purpose, Inc. is grateful to every investor in the community, including the many local businesses that contribute to the organization, which is committed to creating a world where young girls can reach and realize their full potential without fear or stigma.

In addition, Ramos expresses gratitude to her husband, Frank, her family, the Girls of Purpose board members, Pastor Corey and Tomekia Williams, Hope City Church, Pastor Bryan Parrish, Pooler Baptist Church, and the Southbridge Community.

Girls of Purpose, Inc. is worthy of your partnership as they make a difference in the Pooler Community today and well into our future.

In closing, Ramos reflected on the following belief, “God cares about everything concerning girls of purpose and what he has called us to do in this community.”

To learn more about Girls of Purpose, Inc., including how to enroll, volunteer, donate, and mentor, visit