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24Seven Family Fitness & Tanning Center Everywhere You Are

24Seven Family Fitness & Tanning Center Everywhere You Are



Meet Allen and Amanda Jenkins, the owners of two 24Seven Family Fitness & Tanning Centers, one in Pooler and a new one in Springfield. Born and raised in Effingham County, both Allen and Amanda were involved with fitness for years before becoming gym owners. The couple has been married—and in business together—for the last three years, although they have known each other for over 20 years.

Physical fitness has always been a central part of their lives. Allen was previously in the trucking business and says, “I have always been passionate about being fit.” Amanda, who worked in insurance and as a radio producer, actually worked at the Pooler 24/7 gym years ago, never dreaming it would be part of her future.

Then there’s the third partner—Max—the couple’s beloved Frenchton who comes to work every day. Amanda says Max has his own fans, “People come to the door and ask, ‘is Max here today?’ before they even come in!”

Together the three make an awesome team for their two 24Seven Family Fitness & Tanning Centers.

A Member’s Perspective

Allen was a member of the Pooler 24/7 gym for 14 years before purchasing it in 2020. He says, “I worked out there so frequently that the previous owner said I should just buy the place, so I said maybe I will, and after some negotiations that’s exactly what I did!” Being a member for so long gives Allen a unique perspective: “I run it like a member. If something needs to be addressed, I am on it immediately. If equipment is down, we get it back up in a few hours. We fix it all ourselves and are totally hands-on every day.”

It is always sparkling at 24Seven because they personally ensure that the facilities are extremely clean, down to the smallest of details. “We are absolutely adamant about cleanliness,” says Allen. “The soap and paper towel dispensers are always refilled and replenished, the gyms and tanning beds are always clean and inviting.”

 Their attention to detail is integral to their success. Amanda says, “We have solid client and customer relationships. They know us and we know them because we are in the gyms every day. The members are very appreciative of all we do, and we certainly appreciate them.”


As the name implies, the gym never sleeps. Both facilities are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Both locations are conveniently located, making it easy for people to stop on their way to and from work. The gyms offer a wide range of weight lifting equipment. After purchasing the Pooler gym, all the equipment was updated, and their Springfield location is a completely new gym with all brand new equipment.

24Seven definitely has a weight lifting focus, as Allen says: “We are an ‘iron gym’ and are heavy on body building.” There is a variety of equipment, however, including free weights, punching bags, new cardio equipment at both locations, and the list goes on. They also have personal trainers available. Members range from 14 to 75 years old and they are inclusive to all levels of fitness.

Amanda says, “There is no pressure here. If you are new, don’t let the gym intimidate you. We are always happy to answer questions and to point a member in the direction of help, including apps because there are so many out there.” Allen says,” It’s a friendly home. At its heart, 24Seven is a big family.”

Scanning the QR code to see rates or visit a location. Military, first responder and family discounts are available—and the tanning beds are included for members. Give it a try and you’ll be hooked!