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Is Your Diet Killing You?

Is Your Diet Killing You?
If you’re like most Americans, chances are it is.


Overcoming nutrition-related medical challenges requires changing lifestyle and eating habits so that diet and exercise come together in manageable, achievable steps. Working with a medical nutritional counselor is an important piece of the medical-treatment puzzle.

Brooke Jackson, MSN-RN, CNS has a Masters in Nursing Education and is a practicing registered nurse, which gives her a unique trifecta of having medical, education and nutrition sciences.

As a medical nutritional counselor, she specializes in creating custom nutrition and lifestyle plans designed to meet patients where they are and how they live. Her services are meant for clients who have nutrition-related illnesses or whose quality of life is impaired by their weight, with patients often weighing 200-300 (or more) pounds.

Brooke says, “To truly overcome nutrition-related illnesses, clients need to pursue a holistic lifestyle where diet, exercise, and other key factors come together. What you put in your mouth, how you move your body and how you live your life are infinitely more important, or at least as important as your medical treatment.”

She offers one-on-one counseling (remotely and locally) to create a nutrition plan based on your current weight, your food preferences, and your cooking abilities.

A nutritional consultation lasts approximately one hour and includes:

·           Completion of a food diary.

·           Complete personalized intake nutrition form.

·           Laboratory data review and recommendations.

·           Creation of customized plan.

·           Schedule follow-up for implementation.

Brooke is dedicated to helping clients achieve their weight loss and healthier living goals with manageable changes that will last a lifetime. Step-by-step, she is with her clients on their journey to a healthy life. Visit to schedule your consultation today.