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Why Shop Local?

Why Shop Local?


Shop local because your dollar supports a dream and makes a bigger impact in your hometown than it does online.

When you buy local, you’re getting to know your neighbors and offering support for a business that was once a dream. Their children participate with yours in activities like dance classes, sports teams, church groups and music lessons—all funded by people who believed in their family’s dream.

This keeps the wheel turning for other small businesses who are able to keep their doors open with local support.

Shopping local also offers concrete benefits. It keeps your sales tax in your community, funding the infrastructure to build better roads, public safety, and schools, all of which are essential as Pooler and the surrounding areas continue to grow. For every dollar you spend at a locally owned business, 68 percent stays in the community. When you buy from a big box store? Only 43 percent.

When local business thrives, the whole community becomes a destination. It becomes a draw for other family-owned businesses to put down roots and go for their dreams. It attracts out-of-town visitors to visit, and perhaps become our neighbors. Local businesses are the secret sauce that make a community unique.

So keep the dream alive: shop local this holiday season! Not sure where to start? Consult our advertisers’ directory on page 54.