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B’Renewed with Bonnie J. Smith

B’Renewed with Bonnie J. Smith

It can be frustrating when you have pain or medical issues and every doctor you go to can’t seem to find the solutions. They run tests and still come up blank. Bonnie has heard on multiple occasions from clients that they “wish they had come to her sooner.”

Many people don’t think too much about massage therapy or holistic healing when an issue arises, and Bonnie J. Smith wants to change that perspective. She wants people to use massage therapy as a second or third option to receiving help.

Often massage is the last resort or is thought of to be a luxury service, but in reality, it has a lot of physical and mental benefits. Massage therapy should be a necessity and not a luxury.

Bonnie worked at the Westin spa for ten years before moving to a chiropractor office. When she worked for the chiropractor, she was fascinated by the clinical and medical side. She wanted to approach massage therapy as a clinical means of addressing physical issues.

At B’Renewed, Bonnie offers a variety of services including body scrubs, hot stone, nutritional testing, and coaching. When her clients come in with a physical issue they can’t seem to solve and leaves happy and pain-free, that is when Bonnie knows that what she is doing for her clients is working. Bonnie has been getting her message out to others in the surrounding areas so much that she has now opened a second location to accommodate more clientele.

B’Renewed has been in business for only two years and she has already shown her customers success in being pain-free, and they share their experience with others in their lives.

If you are looking for something different to try and you feel like you have tried everything, give Bonnie a call! She offers much more than just massage therapy and has had lots of success with relieving pain for clients who thought they had no other options.

Give Bonnie a call today and visit her at one of her two  B’Renewed locations!

(912) 604-2064

Rincon Location & Hours:
272 S Columbia Ave, Suite 110, Rincon, GA

Guyton Location & Hours:
107 Lynn Bond Ave,
Guyton, GA