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Goal Setting and Our Health

Goal Setting and Our Health 

by Dean Carroll, owner of SoFit Gym in Pooler

Happy New Year! Let’s talk about those goals that we set for ourselves each year. We typically state we want to save money or we need to lose the holiday weight and tone up. For most, when we set goals, we fail as we don’t have a plan to achieve those goals. By the middle of February we are rolling along as we have done in years past and disappointed in ourselves for not sticking to the goals we had set.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, I have heard a lot of people who worked from home stating that they experienced weight gain from being at home and not going to the gym or being active.

While home gyms became very popular in 2020 and most of 2021, I believe there is still a place for brick and mortar gyms.

Benefits of Going to a Gym

A major benefit of physically going to a gym is variety. You can basically do every exercise you want and need. Gyms offer your cardio from the stairmasters to building muscle with weights. Most gyms offer a range of machines for you to pick and choose such as treadmills, stairmasters, rowers, free weights and weighted machines.

Another benefit is the camaraderie with other gym goers. Working out in group settings or taking a yoga class can not only boost your motivation; but burn more calories, increase your commitment to fitness, accountability and make exercise fun.

Workout Variety Leads to Results

Most people love to workout; however, when we don’t see the results, we get discouraged. The key to success is variety. Without changing your routine regularly, your body becomes acclimated to your routine. I can honestly say this has happened to me more than once. I now have a personal trainer who writes my routines weekly and every week it changes. One week I will lift heavy, then the next week maybe supersets, and the following week maybe drop sets. Each week, the order of the exercises changes and each week there is a change. I am in the best shape of my life.

How Personal Trainers Can Help

Some of us need help getting started in the gym or may be in need of a new routine. This is where Personal Trainers (PT) can assist. As I mentioned earlier, hiring a personal trainer was one of the best decisions of my life and for the goal I was working for.

Some of the benefits of hiring a personal trainer would be:

Motivation/Personalized attention: Having a PT by your side can provide the encouragement and energy you need to cheer you on. A PT will hold you accountable/set goals and will create specialized workouts for your specific needs.

  • Clarity/Education: A PT can provide you clear direction on your fitness journey as they remove any guess work from your fitness journey.
  • Confidence: A PT allows you to become confident with how to perform the exercise.
  • Aging gracefully: As we age, our bodies change and the exercises you did a year ago may no longer be effective. A PT can assist with by adjusting or adapting your workout to fit your needs.

SoFit Gym Personal Trainer Corey Inman’s client Jessica says “Corey is an amazing trainer. He has helped me achieve my goals so far and loves our sessions. He works with my schedule, motivates and has a personal approach to our sessions. He is the BEST out there!”

Hope writes, “Initially I didn’t see the need for a personal trainer because I thought you could just look the exercises up on the internet. After hiring Corey as my PT, I realized that having someone regularly sees and tracks your growth is a better and more efficient way to achieve your fitness goals. Corey can give you that extra push when you are not feeling motivated because he knows what I am capable of doing.”

Jamal writes, “PT is like a road map for me, and Corey is my guide to reach my fitness goals. I enjoy PT with Corey because he is personable in nature and he is watching and recording my growth to help me achieve my goals.”

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