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Keep the Lights on During Power Outages

Control Your Energy Use & Be More Independent from Utility Companies

Power outages from storms or other events can be unpredictable, inconvenient and disruptive. During a power outage, there are no lights, no refrigeration, no internet access and especially…no entertainment for the kids!

Solar batteries, often referred to as a home battery, is a means of storing energy produced during the day so that it can be used later. The solar battery is either charged up during the day via solar PV panels or can be charged through standard electricity sources during off peak electricity times when electricity is cheaper. Storing this energy at the nonpeak hours of the day can save families hundreds of dollars off their energy usage.

With a PWRcell system from EMPWR Solar, your system will automatically send power to the appliances that need it most, allowing you to power the essentials during unfortunate power outages.

Solar battery systems like Generac store excess energy from a power source like solar panels or the electricity grid and save it for later use.

When is a Good Time to Use a Solar Battery Backup System?

  • During a power outage
  • At peak energy use times when rates are higher
  • At night when energy output is low and you can save on your energy bill
Don’t just harness the energy of the sun and save on your energy bill, now you can store that energy too. Batteries + Solar gives homeowners energy independence and unlimited peace of mind knowing that the home has enough backup power to see them through the night and beyond.
  • Why Choose a Solar PV Setup
  • Store surplus electricity generated for future use
  • Reduction in energy bills
  • Stored solar electricity can be exported back to the grid, making money for the owner
  • Independence from the electricity grid
  • Sustainable sources of energy regardless of current events

EMPWR Solar offers complete solar panel installation as well as PWRcellTM Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and Smart Management Modules (SMMs). When PWRcell is paired with ATS and SMMs, your system will automatically send power to important devices throughout your home when there are utility power outages or any time you want to use an alternate source of power.

Learn more about solar power and solar battery backup systems:

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