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Justin Myatt: Myatt’s Garage, LLC

Justin Myatt: Myatt’s Garage, LLC

Justin Myatt achieved his lifelong dream this year and opened Myatt’s Garage, a high-performance automotive garage. He specializes in anything with an LS engine, primarily high-end, late model GM cars, new Corvettes, Cadillacs, or older model GM vehicles if they are being rebuilt to a performance mode. It’s strictly engine performance work, Cam swaps- think fast street cars, race cars and all round “speed shop”. (Myatt’s Garage isn’t where you go for minor repairs, transmission builds or bodywork.)

Myatt’s Garage is also a BTR Brian Tooley Racing Dealer as well as a Circle D Specialties Dealer for any Engine parts all the way to transmission torque converters.

Regular cars have moderately powerful engines that are easier to handle, while performance cars need an enhanced engine to provide superior speed and agility. Owner Justin Myatt says, “Many of these cars go to races, or are for people looking to optimize their car and get the most out of it possible.”

As an Automotive Consultant and High-Performance Engine Technician, Justin can build and repair engines, as well as add bolt-on high performance parts for optimal acceleration and speed. He can do forced induction, turbos, superchargers and nitrous to force more air into the engine allowing it to run more efficiently and create more power.

This is not your dad’s garage- the technology used in today’s world of high-end performance changes rapidly and is very sophisticated. Justin has decades of experience and is able to troubleshoot and diagnose exactly what an engine needs to achieve the peak performance mode his customers want out of their car, whether it’s for racing or daily driving.

Lifetime Passion

“Since I was a little boy, it was cars and basketball.” Says Justin, “I worked on pedal bikes, go karts, motorcycles, cars, anything with wheels. My dad really supported me, we went to lots of car shows, races, burn out contests, you name it. I used to go street racing at 10 years old. It all just deepened my interest.”

At 13 years old, Justin bought his first car, a 1979 Mazda Rx-7, paying $600 of his own money. He worked his way up to a 1994 Camaro Z28 he built up, which was the fastest car in his high school and by the time he was a senior he was driving a 2003 Corvette Z06.

Justin was planning on pursuing his other passion, pro basketball, but during a routine physical they found an embolism on his aortic valve, ruling out basketball for good. He let go of basketball and went to auto technician school in West Warwick R.I., and in his free time he “was always buying and fixing cars, souping them up and making them go faster.”

During high school Justin worked at Valvoline, Majestic Honda and after high school at Grainger Honda where he eventually became an Express Service Manager.

In 2008 his heart issue became critical, and he underwent open heart surgery. There were complications during the operation, and he says “I almost died three times. Now I have a mechanical valve and my heart is great.”

Speaking of heart, talk to Justin and you will soon find out that a little girl named Karlie stole his heart when she was born almost ten years ago. Being a dad just made achieving his dream all the more special to Justin, who says he and Karlie “make a great team. She keeps me going.”

Making his Dream a Reality

In 2013 Justin became a fleet mechanic at the Georgia Port. As always, he continued to work on cars in his free time. “But my goal since high school was to one day have my own shop,” he says, “I worked at the port for eight years, and when I found the right location for my shop I took the leap, quit my job, and started my own business. It took a good bit of courage to do it, but it was worth the risk. After years of work, I made my dream a reality.”


Basically, there are three types of racing in this country: stock (NASCAR), ‘open wheel’ (Indy Racing League), and drag (National Hot Rod Association) The “Badmaro” is Justin’s own personal race car, a 2002 SS Camaro single turbo th400 streetcar that he built for drag racing. Justin bought Badmaro in 2007 (a completely stock, one owner car) and over time he built it where it is today. And where it is today is very impressive. For example:

  • In 2008 the car dynoed 328.8 horsepower and 349.4 fp of torque.
  • In 2021 the car dynoed 1119 horsepower and 911.5 fp of torque.

These stats are framed and hung in Justin’s office so his customers can see what Myatt’s Garage is capable of achieving. Justin started bringing Badmaro to races in 2017 and it wasn’t long before he was collecting trophies. At the FL2K, an annual race series in Bradenton, Florida, he won First Place in 2019 and was the Runner Up in the 2020 Roll Race.. Badmaro is quickly becoming a fan favorite—in fact, the car has its own Facebook page (check out “Badmaro”), and it will be back on the racetrack later this year.

Myatt’s Garage

The word is out about Myatt’s Garage. “I started out with customers in Effingham, Pooler, South Carolina then Savannah but the car community really connects with each other and soon I had customers from Florida, Atlanta, all over.” Justin looks forward to being at racetracks as a competitor and as a garage, as well as hosting car shows and automotive events at Myatt’s Garage on a regular basis.

He credits his success to “Being an honest person, honest with the customer and honest with my work. I treat my customers how I would want to be treated. My customers are spending their hard-earned money so I will always do my best for them.”

Putting in the years of long nights and weekends working on cars, grinding away at his goal of having his own shop, wasn’t always easy. “When everyone used to say, “do you think your shop is going anywhere?” I kept the faith and kept pushing for my dream.” He says the sacrifices he made to get there have all been worth it because it is “deeply satisfying to open Myatt’s Garage and help my customers achieve their dreams.”

(912) 596-0953
120 Pine Meadow Dr, Pooler, GA