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Munchies by Moe Joe

Munchies by Moe Joe

Munchies by Moe Joe was started by Dawn and David Kirchinger to help their beloved dog Moe Joe. Dawn says, “Moe Joe kept breaking out into hives. After having skin tests done, we learned Moe Joe had a lot of severe allergies, including artificial color, Florida grass, beef, dairy, rice, and white potatoes. Dog food without any of these ingredients was difficult to find and treats without fillers was even harder.”

After extensive research Dawn decided to create her own. “I tried and discarded many ideas,” she says, “and finally created our own winning recipe.”

Munchies by Moe Joe are 100% all natural dog treats with absolutely no artificial colors or flavors.

C.B.O (Chief Baking Officer) Dawn works closely with her two trusty canine companions—Official Taste Tester Moe Joe and Editor in Cheese Savannah—to create and develop new products. “Both are helping me out by sleeping on the couch and keeping me company” she said recently, “They are always on the job!”

Helping find happy homes for rescue dogs is also very important to Munchies by Moe Joe. They donate 10% of their profits to rescue organizations and feature shelters and adoptable dogs on their website on a rotating basis. Their products Susie’s Hope (Gluten Free), Buster’s Bacon & Cheese, Charlie’s Fruit Bowl and Savannah Rock Star are all named after rescue dogs who have found a home and a new life.

One of the most popular products is the Radar’s WoofLCake —a waffle-like treat. Made especially for those pets who like something crunchy and time consuming that also helps with teeth cleaning, it is easily broken into four quarters so you can save some for later. This product has been registered and now carries the Patent Pending seal. It is available in several (always all natural) flavors, including Radar’s Honey Bacon and Radar’s Peanut Butter and Strawberry. There is even a new flavor: WoofLCake Dice’s ChickN WoofLCake!

All their products are sold on their website and in 22 local retailers in Georgia and South Carolina. 

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