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Down home CrossFit

Down home CrossFit

Down Home CrossFit is the fitness home to people who welcome the intensity, the energy, the vitality, the reward associated with CrossFit training, which includes many military veterans and first responders—individuals who understand, first-hand, the benefits of the program. Below are two of their stories.

Coaching Crossfit Helps a Veteran Give Back

Mike Brown, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, has been a faithful member of Down Home Crossfit for about six years and has coached there for five years. The Marine veteran knows that the rigorous CrossFit training itself “goes hand-in-hand with military service needs.” Mike feels that the strengths needed to prevail in his workouts are similar to what was needed to succeed as a Marine—the relentless drive, determination, and overall physical and mental stamina.

“I wouldn’t be the person I am today without Down Home. It’s good training for uncomfortable situations, wherein lies the biggest growth—in the discomfort. You get through it, and at the end, you’ve accomplished something monumental. There is a correlation—a shared intensity and need for flexibility and continuous improvement,” he said.

Mike has been honored to coach at Down Home, allowing him to share the benefits of CrossFit with others.

“For me, it’s the opportunity to give back,” he commented.

Mike has consistently supported several charitable events while at Down Home Crossfit, including the Murph Event—a highly intense workout, usually done on Memorial Day, in honor of Lieutenant Michael Murphy, a U.S. Navy Seal who was killed by Taliban fighters while on a mission in Afghanistan. This Memorial Day, more than 100 people came to Down Home Crossfit to participate.

Mike is proud to be a part of his thriving Down Home community. “The relationships and bonds you make last a long time. We’ve grown into a family more than anything,” he stated.

Firefighter Finds Community at Down Home

Cameron Conner, Fire Apparatus Operator (FAO) with Pooler Fire-Rescue, has been part of Down Home for three years while coaching CrossFit there for a year. Cameron assists in the training of Pooler Fire-Rescue’s new recruits, allowing him to determine their physical aptitude. He, too, helps orchestrate workouts for his regular shift, promoting health and fitness throughout his team.

“I feel good. CrossFit has become part of my day; it gets my day started right. With our line of work, it’s really important that we stay healthy and active.”

CrossFit is a comprehensive fitness plan, encompassing strengthening, flexibility, and cardio workouts.

“Cardiac issues are the number one thing that’s killing firefighters, so CrossFit is a hot topic with firefighters right now,”  Cameron said. And CrossFit is gaining popularity in the department. “We’re trending in that direction. We’re getting ourselves in a place where we’re not compromised, and we’re staying healthy,” he added.

Cameron has also participated in various charitable causes throughout the years. One dear to him is the 200 Club.

“It’s the gold standard for first responders, supporting families of fallen first responders. I’ve seen its impact on the local level,” he said. The fund has supported many families, covering expenses associated with mortgages or even college tuitions.

Cameron knows that the Down Home CrossFit team plays a vital role in his life. “It’s a great community. It’s like a family,” he said.

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