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Get to Know The Amazing Stars From Our Cover

Get to Know The Amazing Stars From Our Cover


Owner/ Partner Chocolate Martini Bar, Pooler

How long have you been in your industry? How long were you in the service?

I’ve been in my industry for 3 years (7 years total investment of time). I spent 12 years in the Army as a Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot

What has your experience in the military meant to you personally and professionally?

My experience in the military meant service to my country and selfless sacrifice. I followed in the footsteps of my father (retired Army) as well as the lineage of my extended family as a whole—as we have many generations of service. Professionally, my military service gave me self-discipline and focus and a “never accept defeat” mentality that translated well to my entrepreneurial endeavors and remaining confident on a path that isn’t guaranteed.

Why do you love what you do?

I make people in our community happy! I share in the moments of celebration for others and their special occasions, I work among a staff of highly professional and skilled people and overall I provide the sweetest and tastiest experience in our city! I dreamed about days like these for so long—and through perseverance and God's grace it’s now a reality!

Staff Registered Nurse, Surgical Services, SJCHS—Pooler Surgery Center

How long have you been in your career?

I have been in nursing for 12 years and I’ve been with SJCHS for 3 years.

What has a career in nursing meant to you?

I take great pride in my nursing profession. It has given me the opportunity to help people in their most vulnerable times and unexpected moments. Everyday brings a new challenge, remains interesting, and empowering to know I help make a difference in people’s lives no matter what their circumstances may be.

Allstate Insurance - Pence Family Agency, Owner - Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming

Tell us about your business and career.

I've been in the insurance industry 30 years and I purchased Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming this year. I love the insurance business because it allows me to serve my community and protect what matters most to them. I enjoy the pet industry because our pets bring us joy and enrich our lives. Pet owners are the happiest people I interact with everyday.

How did you serve your country?

I spent seven and a half years between active duty Air Force and then USAF Reserves. I am a Desert Shield/Desert Storm Vet, Sharjah UAE

How has your military service impacted your career?

I come from a military family so it was natural for me to serve. The military taught me teamwork, the importance of doing your individual job and attention to detail. This concept relates well in leadership in the civilian community. When all of us do our collective part to make our community or company better, we succeed as a whole. Great teams are built from enthusiastic and engaged people.


Proud service dog to Dad and handler Christopher Nock, 22 years in US Army. Poppy is affiliated through is SD Gunner Fund (see article p. 40)

Do you like your job, Poppy?

My experience in the service dog industry, providing the necessary duties for my human Dad gives me great joy. I know that I'm a comfort to him knowing that I always have his back.

I pick up all the things he drops and I bring him things that he needs.

I alert him to take his medications when he needs it, and to redirect him when he can't focus properly.

I'm his best friend and I am with him 24/7.

I love what I do because I know I'm making my Dad's life better and allow him to do things he wouldn’t do otherwise.

We are an inseparable team!