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Patricia Mitchell: Making a Difference for Her Clients

Patricia Mitchell has taken pride in helping individuals with their insurance needs for many years. She is co-owner of MAGIC Insurance Agency (MAGIC)—Mitchell’s Advisory Group Insurance Consultants. 

She has lived in Effingham since 2015, alongside her husband Gregory and their four children. Patricia was an educator for over 27 years.

The MAGIC story began in 2008, following the death of Patricia’s grandmother Miss Otha Dean Picket, known to many as “Miss OC.”' After she passed, Patricia’s family received a surprisingly huge bill—$39,000—from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Understanding that her grandmother was a Medicare recipient for years, Patricia was baffled. She worked hard to resolve the problem in order to honor her grandmother, an individual who helped shape her into the woman she is today: a woman of character with a strong work ethic.  “I’m not afraid of hard work,” Patricia said.

She was driven to ensure that her grandmother’s home and land were not compromised as a result of certain stipulations of the Medicaid Recovery Act. 

While dining out one evening, Patricia overheard a United Healthcare business executive speaking with his associates about Medicaid and Medicare. She mentioned her dilemma, and he advised her of the best action to take. Patricia was grateful, feeling that the opportune meeting was “all God’s design.” The executive discerned Patricia’s zeal and knew that she had a “unique connection and story;” he offered her a job as an agent. 

Over time and with a lot of work, the Medicare dilemma was resolved, yielding a $0 balance.

Patricia earned her license, becoming one of United Healthcare’s top producers. Motivated to start her own company, she became a broker, and she soon created MAGIC. “We are blessed when we help clients find the insurance plan that best fits their needs and budgets,” Patricia stated. 

MAGIC’s mission involves “helping clients make informed decisions” regarding coverage options by “understanding a complex product, such as Medicare.” The agency handles other concerns, including “helping customers solve billing and network issues, filling out Medicaid forms, or completing Social Security applications.”

That is not all—MAGIC is actually a mobile insurance business.

“We have the only mobile, drive-thru insurance agency…there’s nothing like it!” Patricia commented. “God just opened up the floodgates of Heaven and poured us out a blessing.”

The trailer is well-equipped to effectively meet customer needs. Customers stay in the comfort of their vehicles while conducting business. The mobile trailer can be taken to various venues.

Patricia has been recognized as a “Platinum Producer'' by United Healthcare Medicare Solutions and “Front Runner” by Aetna Medicare. MAGIC has been acknowledged for its superior customer service and client retention rate.

Having a sincere desire to help others, Patricia has long-embraced a beautiful Scripture for herself, both personally and professionally: “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Holy Bible, King James Version, 2002, Acts 20:35).

(912) 667-3949