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Savannah Christian Preparatory School

Savannah Christian Preparatory School proudly acknowledges the women serving on the leadership team for their contributions to the advancement of our school. 

SCPS is an independent, non-denominational PK-12 college prep Christian school. We seek to glorify God by partnering with families, churches and the local community in educating future generations through Christ-centered training, application, and example.

SCPS is the only Savannah school to be triple-accredited through CESA (the Council on Educational Standards and Accountability), SAIS, and Cognia.

With over 1,300 children on its 227 acre campus, Savannah Christian offers something for every child. Fifty-six lower school, middle school, J.V., and varsity teams are available in 17 sports, as well as 32 fine arts programs offered for PK-12.

SCPS prioritizes the teaching and learning experience and will, with rigor and fidelity, hold true to its purpose. Athletics, arts, leadership, and service training are not co-curricular but central to the learning experience.