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AHAS Doctors of Audiology

Silence might be golden, but hearing remains one of the most important senses in life. Helen Keller, who was deaf and blind, said “Blindness cuts us off from things, but deafness cuts us off from people.” Audiology and Hearing Aid Services (AHAS) is helping patients make that people-centered connection in Pooler. 

Located in the Godley Station Professional Park, the office is one of three located in Chatham County—the other two being in Savannah and on Skidaway Island. AHAS offers a full range of audiological services including full hearing evaluations; looking at degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, expectations, budget, and communication needs in a complex environment. Evaluations are also offered for tinnitus, which is marked by ringing in the ears and affects some 50 million Americans. 

AHAS works in close conjunction with Ear, Nose, and Throat Associates of Savannah, they are located in the same building in Pooler; which allows for quick referrals, convenience and expert care in a number of related areas, providing access to a complete medical model. The business has been in Pooler since 2008. Due to growth in the area, the practice quickly ran out of space and moved to its current location in 2015.

Educating the public on the important of hearing is an integral part of the clinic’s mission. This includes holding seminars to encourage an active lifestyle and confidence in hearing. Along with focusing on the link between hearing loss and other health conditions. The pandemic showed how vital social interactions are and the importance of making sure you can effectively communicate with those important to you. 

The staff of AHAS includes five Audiologists who rotate among the three locations. Drs. Casey Allen and Sara King are primary Pooler providers. Dr. Allen is a native of Savannah, GA, joining the practice in 2015 during her clinical rotations, while studying at University of Tennessee. 

Dr. Allen graduated from UT with Doctorate of Audiology 2017 and has since remained with the practice. Dr. King who grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, joined the practice in 2018, completing her residency with AHAS. Dr. King earned her Doctorate of Audiology from West Virginia University in 2019 and has also remained with the practice. 

Dr. Allen says “It is never too early to get a hearing test to establish a baseline to be able to have a good comparison down the road, when communication needs arise.” The Audiologists at AHAS welcome the opportunity to change the lives of the patients through communication solutions. Dr. King states “We want to better assist with the communication needs to keep the connection with our patient’s loved ones thriving.”

1000 Towne Center Blvd #200
Pooler, GA 31322