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Why It’s Important to Shop Local

Why It’s Important to Shop Local

There are countless ways that shopping locally benefits our community, but are you aware of how it helps you?

  1. Shopping Local is Better for the Environment: It’s no secret that shopping locally helps to boost the local economy. Local purchases help reduce carbon footprints and require less transportation of goods. Less pollution is always a good thing, right?
  2. Local Businesses Donate More to Their Communities: Did you know that local businesses tend to donate more to local causes than other bigger businesses? These business owners are your neighbors and friends, so they care about the local community just as much as you do. That little league team or local charitable organization benefits greatly from healthy local businesses who want to give back to their neighbors. Keeping your business close to home is just another way that you can give back to your community.
  3. Shopping Local Creates More Local Jobs: Local businesses means more local ownership. These businesses are huge contributors to local jobs. Supporting a local business also supports the local workforce.
  4. Shopping Local Creates a Domino Effect Locally: When you shop locally, it creates a “domino effect” within the community. Many locally owned businesses purchase from other locally owned businesses.
So How Does Local Shopping Benefit you Personally?

Small businesses are invested in their success, so they tend to offer more personalized services. Generally, they cater to their customers in a way that larger "chain" businesses do not. Small businesses depend on customer satisfaction to bring customers back again and again.

Local shops undoubtedly bring a unique flair to our communities with unique products and services, enhancing your neighborhood experience.

A robust local economy affects you directly. Money you spend shopping locally is put right back into your community.

How Can you Support Local Businesses?

Buy locally. Consider checking out a local shop before buying online or shopping at a big box store.

Share the support by purchasing gift cards from local shops to help introduce friends and family to the local places where you enjoy shopping.

SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! Almost all local businesses have social media accounts on pages such as Facebook and Instagram. Share their posts and help them get noticed.

Finally, help build good reviews for the local businesses within your community. A quick word about your great experience can go a long way for helping others decide on whether or not to try out their products or services.