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Dr. Dawn MacMillan

Dr. Dawn Hostetler-MacMillan, Audiologist & President at Coastal Audiology, Inc., is Pooler, Georgia, through and through. Dr. MacMillan attended secondary schools in Pooler, then went on to obtain her advanced degrees from Armstrong State University, University of North Texas, and her Doctor of Audiology degree from Salus University in Elkins Park, Pa. In 2004 she established Coastal Audiology in Pooler. Her husband, Roy MacMillan, is Vice President of Coastal Audiology, where he assists with all things business so Dr. MacMillan can focus on her love of patient care. When you meet Dr MacMillan, you are meeting a local doctor who has dedicated her career to tending to the audiology needs of her Pooler neighbors. She says, “Being in Pooler is really wonderful because I get to work with people I’ve known my whole life. Teachers, softball coaches, bosses from my first jobs, people I know from church. This is an advantage in developing a plan of care for my patients. I know them, I know what they did for work, I know a bit about their lives. Knowing my patients is a big advantage in addressing their communication issues. Despite all the changes and growth in Pooler, it’s still a small town in many ways.”

Hearing is Healthcare “Hearing is healthcare,” says Dr. MacMillan. “And at Coastal Audiology, we do so much more than dispense hearing aids. A hearing aid is one piece of a bigger puzzle, it is a tool that we can teach you how to use most effectively. Hearing is the single most modifiable risk factor in preventing dementia and by treating hearing loss we are treating a healthcare problem.” In addition to treating age-related hearing loss in older patients, Dr. MacMillan treats children and younger patients who are experiencing Auditory Processing Disorders. She explains, “Auditory Processing Disorders affect young people who have mostly normal hearing but whose families report they don’t seem to hear well. We find these children do not have hearing loss but are having difficulty in following multi-step directions, often misidentified as ADHD.” She adds, “We can work on compensatory strategies and truly help kids who were struggling.” Coastal Audiology is dedicated to offering families improved quality of life through comprehensive and individualized hearing healthcare. Call today and get started on a plan to address your hearing needs.

COASTAL AUDIOLOGY SERVICES • Comprehensive Audiometric Evaluations • Tinnitus Evaluations, Counseling & Treatment • Auditory Processing Disorder Evaluations & Treatments • Hearing Aid Evaluations • Hearing Aid Dispensing, Fitting, Orientation, & repair • Manufacturer repairs for the “Big 6” hearing aid manufacturers • Hearing aid supplies & accessories including but not limited to batteries, wax guards, cleaning tools • In-office hearing aid repairs when able • Cochlear Implant Assessments • Cochlear Implant Activations & Subsequent Mapping • Bone-anchored hearing aid (Osseo integrated device) evaluation and subsequent programming • Cerumen (ear wax) removal* • Compensation & Pension Evaluations for the Department of Veteran Affairs • Hearing evaluations for Reserve Health Readiness • Hearing Wellness subscription service for hearing healthcare maintenance • Hearing Benefits plan for Employers • Earmold Impressions (EMIs) for custom hearing aid earmolds, Musicians earplugs, musicians monitors, swim plugs, hearing protection, and more. • Industrial Audiology significant threshold shift (STS) evaluations .

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Photo Credit: Jamie Weaver