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LOGAN JONES: Volleyball’s Back-Row Star is a Standout at Savannah Christian

LOGAN JONES: Volleyball’s Back-Row Star is a Standout at Savannah Christian Story by Cindy Reid  |  Photos by Michelle Holloway

Logan Jones is smart, focused, determined—every inch an outstanding student athlete. She has been playing girls’ volleyball since she was eight years old and is a standout player on the volleyball team at Savannah Christian Preparatory School (SCPS), where she is currently a senior.

In her position as libero, Logan was instrumental in the Raiders win against longtime rival Calvary for the Area Championship last season. She passed

a 2.3 in serve receive and had 50 digs, setting a new school record, state record and was recognized as “SCPS Athlete of the Week” for her performance.  The team made it to the 2019 GHSA third round of state, where they ended their season with a loss to Walker

(Marietta GA) in the Elite 8 and finished with a 32-8 record.  The Jones family is a volleyball powerhouse—mom Julie Jones is the Athletic Director and Volleyball Program Director at SCPS and sister Landon (Pooler Magazine 2018) is in her senior year playing volleyball on a full scholarship at Georgia Southern.

Logan says she has always been in a gym, from tagging along with her mom to playing club ball at age eight. “I played everything—basketball, volleyball, soccer and softball, but had to quit basketball after eighth grade due to the colliding schedules of basketball and club ball,” she says. “You could say I was a gym rat!”  Julie Jones says her involvement with athletics, and Savannah Christian, goes way back as well. Now in her 24th year of coaching, she says, “I was a graduate of Savannah Christian, went off to school, came back, and started coaching. I became involved with girls’ volleyball because coach Kelly said, ‘Julie I need you to coach volleyball’ and it was the one port I didn’t play! He said a good coach can learn to coach anything. So, I dove straight in and love it—it’s all my family has ever done.”

In the libero position since 6th grade, Logan says, “It’s pretty much second nature. If I could choose to play any other position, I would choose to be the setter, they run the

offense and are an asset to every team.”  Most fans only know the libero because they wear a different color shirt than the rest of the team so that one player stands out from the rest. Liberos are defensive specialists and cannot block or attack the ball when it is entirely above net height. However, when the ball is not in play, the libero can replace any back row player, without making a substitution.

In a sport where height can be an issue, Logan, at 5 foot 6 inches, says “It would be good to be tall for other positions but there is no need in mine.” Her position requires the ability to anticipate where the opposition is going to hit the ball, so analyzing the opposing teams tendencies and shots is key.   Club Savannah Coach Matt Linebarger, Director of Savannah Volleyball, has been coaching Logan in club ball for years. “I have had Logan in the gym since she was nine years old. Logan is athletic and under control—which is a valuable skill. She has a genuinely nice demeanor, she is confident and calm and she supports her fellow teammates.” He says she has been a driving force, “in a subtle way because some plays she does surprises you,” and in the libero position she has been one of the most successful ones he’s seen, with the “moves of a calm athletic player on the court.”  He says, “She has made tremendous strides in the past year and she has really come into her own. She is her own person, her own player, playing her own game.”


 This summer Logan participated in the SCPS Raider Volleyball Camp: Rising 4th – 8th, which she said “You do need a lot of patience, but it was lots of fun. The kids really enjoyed it, and I enjoyed teaching them.” Her mother Julie says, “Logan has a knack for giving to kids, which I saw at the children’s camps. I really think she has a spiritual gift to work with children.”

Julie also credits the Pooler Recreation Department for community involvement, “Both our daughters are products of the Pooler Recreation Department, where the girls were incredibly involved with basketball and softball. Logan works there when her schedule permits as a referee and manning the scoreboards.”

As for summer fun, Logan says “I love going to Tybee, I love the beach, pools, sun—pretty much all of that!”

Senior Year

In a challenging time for schools, Logan says she is looking forward to getting back to school for her senior year. She takes several dual enrollment classes, including math, English and Spanish because they also earn her college credits. English and biology are her favorite subjects. She says she loves Homecoming Week and “the rivalry games because they are so intense and competitive!”

The team has practice and workouts every day, including ladder drills and circuits, and Logan also lifts weights to stay in shape. During quarantine, local television station WJCL asked student athletes to send in their “stay at home workout” videos, so Logan and her sister Landon sent in a video of their quarantine workout and it was aired on the station news.

Logan says, “We have equipment in the garage, so we used that, and we did some ball control drills against the side of the house, essentially anything to touch a ball and keep those muscles moving.”

In addition to workouts and practices, Logan stays fit by eating healthy and limiting fast foods. She says “I try not to eat junk. Chocolate chip cookies and ice cream are a splurge!”

Next Steps

In September, Logan will make a big decision and sign to one of the colleges actively recruiting her for their women’s volleyball teams. The schools under consideration are Georgia Southern, Georgia College, and College of Charleston.  Logan says she will probably major in business with an eye towards medical sales or maybe exercise science.

She says she has played with the same teammates for years. In fact, she and Lexi Polychrones have been on the same teams since they were nine years old, from club ball to high school, so “moving to the next step will definitely be bittersweet.”

As far as her college choice goes, Logan says, “In the end it’s about the team and the atmosphere that the coaches bring.”  Julie says, “We have six seniors on this year’s team, and they are a talented group and I hope they all get the opportunity to play. They are a close knit group of girls, and I have enjoyed being around them and coaching them.” She adds, “Each daughter was blessed with good volleyball teammates, and they have made connections for life.”  Club Savannah Coach Matt Linebarger says, “Logan has a tremendous future ahead of her. As she gets the opportunity to play in college, she’s going to go far beyond!”

Leaving SCPS and her coach will be a big change. “Being a coaches’ daughter can be tough, and we can get on each other’s nerves, but we do love each other,” she says. “I know when I am playing in college she will be there coaching from the stands. My Dad, my grandpa, and my uncle were always coaching from the sidelines any chance they could. My family is always there for my games and it means so much to me to know they are there. They are my biggest fans!”  

Editor’s Note: Logan is happy to report she signed with Georgia Southern!

Logan’s Advice to New Players:

  • Don’t take any practice or game for granted, as we all know it can be taken away in a second.
  • Work hard—it pays off.
  • Take every ball you can!