Tuesday 21 August 2018
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The Blandford House

Looking For That Perfect Venue?

Welcome to the Blandford House, an exclusive outdoor wedding and event venue nestled along the idyllic backdrop of beautiful Effingham County.  This historic landmark is an ideal facility for weddings and wedding receptions and a favored location for rehearsal dinners and luncheons.  The charming gardens reflect the casual elegance of owner Wyleen Long.  The gazebo and arbors offer romantic ceremony options, and during blooming season the garden features roses, peonies and a variety of herbs, annuals, perennial and small shrubs.

Wyleen and her former partner and sub-contractor, Ken Mcinhardt, restored Blandford House in 1992, intending it as a temporary residence during the construction of the Waterford Subdivision.  Originally built in 1908 by Larvan Kessler for his new bride, Addie Dugger, the house enchanted Wyleen and Ken and captured their imagination.  Today, a picture of Lavan and Addie on their wedding day hangs in the restored hallway as a reminder of, Wyleen explains charmingly, “our responsibility to preserve history.  I am merely a temporary custodian of the house.”

Wyleen Long’s love of old houses began while living in the historic district of Savannah for 18 years.  “Like me, in an old house nothing works like it used to,”  she laughs.  “No lines are quite straight any more and she creaks when the weather hits her hard, but the lines give her character.  You know she has a story to tell.”

In 2008, Wyleen was surprised by a neighbor’s request to renew their wedding vows and hold the reception int he garden at the newly restored Blandford House.  With borrowed tables and chairs and rented table linens, Wyleen and The Blandford House hosted the first of many events to grace the charming property.  Before long, another neighbor asked if it was available for a wedding and Wyleen joined forces with her dear friend and current partner, Tony Hicks.  The Blandford House as an events venue was off to the races.  “Without him none of this would be possible,”  she elaborates.

Wyleen was no stranger to event staging, having found herself in a unique position after a very good friend, Marilyn Pottorf asked Wyleen to lend a hand one fateful weekend years ago.  Pottorf’s employer, Kiwi Fleur of Savannah had a big event scheduled and needed a few extra hands.  One weekend event led to another weekend event, and before she knew it, Wyleen found herself thrust into the world of event planning, working alongside renowned East Coast floral designer and owner Vicki Sepielli.  She still lends a hand there several weekends a month.

The Blandford House boasts a delightful suite for the bride and her party, tucked among the trees at the back of the garden, and separate from the main house – well away from the eyes of the curious groom.  The comfortable styled space provides plenty of room for the bridal party to relax while having their hair and makeup done and waiting for the ceremony to begin.

While the bride and her attendants are being pampered, the groom and his party have the use of the upstairs suite of rooms in the main house, in the spacious master suite with attached lounge.

The romantic, old world feel of the garden, enhanced by the placement of two graceful and elegant columns dating to the late 1800’s, make this versatile venue a recent favorite for filmmakers and SCAD students shooting on location.  Verandas and covered outdoor spaces can accommodate up to 150 guests, ensuring that your event will never be rained out.  The expansive lawn and intimate side gardens can easily accommodate 250 guests.  White lights and winter foliage transform the garden into a sparkling wonderland for winter brides.

Wyleen continues to develop different areas of the property to enhance the venue and takes great pains to maintain the original character and integrity of the property.  Recent additions include nestling a crystal chandelier in the garden like a coy jewel, expanding the garden area for playing games or dancing under the stars and providing electricity and lighting to the driveway and five acre field used for parking.

Wyleen is happy to help you schedule your event at the Garden and ensure that you, your vendors and guests receive the necessary guidance and attention to ensure a smooth event.  Please call 912.667.6477 or e-mail for further assistance.  Venue rental includes all tables, chairs, linens and the service of Wyleen as event coordinator.

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