Saturday 21 September 2019
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Poolers’ Low Country Machinery Partners with Smacked TV

Story by Katrice Williams • Photos by Sheila Scott

Low Country Machinery (LCM) has been a staple in the community since 2001. Having offices in Pooler and Statesboro, the company has established itself as a one-stop shop to help its customers meet almost any construction, farm and landscaping demand by offering an extensive line of new and used construction, farm and landscaping equipment.
Low Country’s owner, Chris Shea and his LCM family take tremendous pride in the quality of all the products they provide, as the team realizes that top-notch equipment, along with exceptional customer service, is a priceless asset and utter necessity to their customers.
Chris was raised on a farm and has always enjoyed being outside. As a young boy, he loved to play with tractors and construction equipment toys. It came as no big surprise that Chris chose to join the LCM team, as he has long possessed a tremendous knack for anything that involves farming and the great outdoors.
Chris has been a member of the LCM team for 15 years. In 2016, he bought the company and is now the sole owner. “It was a natural thing to do after college…just a natural fit for me. Grown-ups want their big toys too” he joked.
On the construction side, LCM represents and sells the JCB brand. As it is the largest privately-owned equipment manufacturer in the world, Chris stands behind JCB’s noteworthy reputation for producing reliable and cutting-edge products while establishing high industry standards across product lines.
“It makes me proud to represent a brand where some of the main equipment we sell is manufactured right here in Pooler,” Chris stated.
“In order for our communities to grow, they have to have quality equipment. We’re here to provide a great product and have a great team to back it up,” he adds.
Many of the LCM team have small family gardens, hunt extensively and even dabble into some small landscaping jobs. Relating to the customers they serve is key when providing a product that people depend on daily.
As they say, ‘With knowledge comes greatness.” And LCM has found another way to add to their already successful vision.
LCM recently began a partnership with Smacked TV, a decision that has proved to be extremely rewarding for both sides.
Founded in 2009, the show is locally owned and produced while being nationally and locally syndicated on the Pursuit Channel, WSAV and the CW. Whether child or adult, the show proves to be entertaining and informative for a wide range of viewers. It stars two brothers, Jared and Kyle Lott, who share their love for hunting and joy of fishing. They relay the importance of using proper equipment in various scenarios; they also emphasize the tremendous value associated with using quality products.
Chris initially met Jared while working on a business endeavor with Jared’s company, Broadstead Media. He later learned of Jared’s sincere passion for hunting.
“He’s always done a great job with our videography. Then he came to our marketing team with the idea that Smacked TV should partner with us and we all thought it would be a great way to showcase our equipment. Kyle, Jared and a lot of us at Low Country enjoy hunting, as well as many of our customers. So, it was really a natural fit,” Chris said.
Jared and Kyle grew up in Bellville, Georgia and currently reside in Statesboro. Both brothers treasure the importance of family. They certainly get their gift and passion for hunting naturally; their dad and grandpa were “really big outdoorsmen” who introduced them to hunting and fishing. Jared fondly recalls times with his grandpa C.B.

Waters, who would take him and Kyle hunting and fishing “all around Statesboro and Savannah.” Those were priceless moments to the brothers.
“He’d carry us in the woods on his back turkey hunting, deer hunting, pond fishing and river fishing. We just really loved being outside at an early age,” Jared stated.
While sharing their love of hunting, Jared and Kyle also explain the truth and hard work behind trophy hunting and managing property properly with the right equipment, implements, soil and seed.
“We are excited to partner with this awesome show and these great guys. It’s a unique opportunity for us to show customers how our equipment can benefit them around their property and while they’re getting ready for hunting season,” says Chris.
Smacked TV is dedicated to showing everyone, from kids to adults, about the joy of experiencing nature through hunting and fishing everything from quail to deer, wild hogs and flounder.
This is Smacked TV’s first big partnership with a construction and

farm equipment company. Chris and the brothers knew that people who watch
hunting and outdoor television shows are often farmers, or those interested in tractors and other heavy machinery, so they would be a great demographic target
in the area.
Jared and Kyle take pride in representing LCM, feeling that the company has the best products on the market. “They’re a great company in general, a locally-owned company that tends to reach all different types of people. They’re just good people who have good products and good service. We like working with people that we can recommend,” Jared commented.
“We take it day-by-day and try to think outside the box. We try to find a niche to be better than the rest…to market better than everybody else; every day,” Chris says. This partnership with Smacked TV is just another result of that “out of the box” mentality.
Jared and Kyle are looking forward to the continued growth and success of Smacked TV and their valued partnership with Low Country Machinery. Through

that partnership, getting the job done in the most effective way possible is exactly what this phenomenal team is dedicated to do.
In addition to JCB equipment, LCM also sells Kubata and Massey Ferguson. They offer an array of heavy equipment parts and accessories as well.
When it comes to innovation, Chris Shea is at the top of his game. He and his team at LCM are a huge part of Pooler’s economic growth. And, with the partnership with Smacked TV, they will continue to serve our community for many years!

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