Tuesday 26 March 2019
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Pooler Karate : KRAV MAGA

Pooler Karate


Krav Maga is not a traditional martial art. It was developed in an environment where the Israeli military could not devote many hours to hand to hand combat training. Therefore, the Krav Maga system was created to bring students to a high level of skill in a relatively short period of time. In Krav Maga there are no forms (katas), rules or set combinations. Instead, Krav Maga training focuses on teaching simple self-defense techniques which are specifically catered to reality based attack situations. Many techniques originated in Muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing and wrestling, with other techniques call from Ju-Jitsu and Karate.

     The art of Krav Maga is much more of a survival system dealing with personal safety issues. It is considered to be a modern, highly refined, street fighting system, designed to be used against armed and unarmed attackers. Krav Maga addresses a wide variety of aggressive acts which include punches, kicks, chokes, bearhugs, headlocks, grabs, as well as defenses against multiple attackers and assailants armed with a firearm, edged weapon, or blunt object.

     In addition to self-defense, Krav Maga teaches hand to hand combat that shows how to neutralize an opponent quickly and effectively. It embodies elements related to the actual performance of the fight including tactics, feints, powerful combinations of different attacks, the psychological dimensions of the fight, and learning how to use the environment to your advantage.

     Krav Maga includes specialized training methods to not only challenge students physically, but to also instill a special mental discipline meant to strengthen the spirit and to develop the ability to deal with violent confrontations under intense stress. Classes will also incorporate the self-defense techniques that they teach to law enforcement and military personnel.

     Because of the Krav Maga’s combat-orientation, there are no competitions or tournaments. Like other arts, Krav Maga issues colored belts to mark higher levels of expertise.

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Mondays @ 7:15-8:05

Tuesdays @ 7:30-8:20

Wednesdays @ 7:20-8:10


Mondays @ 4:10-5:00

Wednesdays @ 5:00-5:45

Fridays @ 4:10-5:00

Saturdays @11:00-11:50


Tuesdays @ 9:00-10:30AM

Thursdays @ 9:00-10:30AM


Fridays @ 7:45-8:45

Saturdays @ 9:00-11:00AM

The Future of Pooler Karate

At 10,000 square feet, our new facility will have more room than ever to increase our ability to provide for our community. The new building will host two main mats, a Jiu-Jitsu mat, boxing ring, and a full functioning gym. We plan to be opening 2018.

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