Tuesday 21 August 2018
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Maribeth Lindler: A Servant to the City

Everyone is talking about the growth in Pooler, Georgia.  You can barely turn on the television without seeing something on the news about this city…the fastest growing in the state of Georgia.

Nobody can give you a first-hand account of this better than Maribeth Lindler.  Maribeth has spent her last 28 years as the City Clerk of Pooler.

She has watched Pooler blossom in her time at City Hall, now serving the city from their brand new building next to old city hall on Highway 80. Maribeth’s career has grown along with the city from an entry-level position to her current council-appointed post.

Coming on board in 1989, Maribeth originally started her career with the city in their finance department. At that time, she remembers exactly 800 customers paid water bills to the city. In the next two decades, that number had more than tripled…to over 5,000 in 2008. Maribeth tells us how time and technology has made it more convenient for residents to pay their bills.  “We now offer our residents the convenience of paying online or having their bill drafted from their bank account. So, now our walk-in traffic has decreased,” she explains.

This is only one of the many changes she has seen during her tenur.

“When I first came on here, the mayor and city council members were all part time and they would check in once and awhile. Now, even though part-time, the mayor is here on a daily basis. There is a lot of interaction going on every day,” she says.

All correspondence for the city council meetings go through Maribeth Lindler. She also handles inquires, complaints and makes sure the feedback goes through the correct channels.  As the city continues to grow, the staff at City Hall expands as well.

Back in 1989 when she started, the city hall office only had 5 employees.  Now they have 18.

When Maribeth was asked to describe a normal work day for herself, she responds, “It varies from week to week. Council agendas are prepared the week before the meetings. The meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month. Then the minutes are prepared following the meetings.  I facilitate the open records process and maintain the City’s Code of Ordinances, keeping track of any legislation that may affect the City.  I handle all aspects of business registration and alcoholic beverage license applications, and, coordination with the zoning and building departments, as well as the city manager and finance officer. This is ongoing every day.”

One of the biggest changes she has seen at city hall over the years has been the number of businesses locating here.  This number has increased rapidly. “The diversity of businesses has challenged the planning and zoning department the most.  In turn, the number of businesses registering has increased.  I see at least 3 to 5 coming in daily,” she says.

With all this growth comes changes. Maribeth’s job is no different, with many changes over the years. She tells us, “It has definitely become more complex, mainly with the increase in population and number of businesses.  Years ago, I knew a lot more people by name and could tell you where they lived. I can’t do that now. And, I have seen many of our elderly citizens pass away, some of whom were very dear to me.”

Maribeth is a 30 year resident of Pooler.  So, the changes in the city have not only affected her ‘working world,’ but her time away from work as well. She says, “The convenience of having the retail and grocery stores here is a plus.  I once said that it would be wonderful if we never had to travel into Savannah to shop or go to the doctor and soon we will have more medical/doctor offices and a micro-hospital.”

Maribeth Lindler truly loves her job. She works directly under the direction of the mayor and council. She considers it a pleasure to work with each of them, as well as all the city employees.

“The best part of my job is helping people,” says Maribeth, who grew up in northwest Indiana, and moved to North Carolina before calling Pooler home. “The interaction with the new people as well as the people who have been here for awhile, not being born and raised here, gives me the feeling of being a part of the family.”

Maribeth plans on remaining at City Hall until her retirement.   “It has been an honor serving the citizens of such a fine city. And, I plan to remain active in politics,” she states.

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