Tuesday 23 July 2019
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Jessica & Co. Beauty Lounge

Jessica Sauls has always been a enthusiast of fashion and beauty.  Originally from Beaufort, South Carolina, she moved to Savannah with her family in 2000.  Growing up, she traveled often with her family, getting a taste of diversity which tapped into her creative side.  This, combined with her passion of fashion and beauty, would pave the way for her career.

Through the years, Jessica did various things working in the hospitality industry.  It wasn’t until she was about 35, however, that she decided to take a leap of faith and conquer her dream of becoming a stylist.  Jessica worked at a salon as an apprentice for some time, learning as much as she could.  It was there that Debbie Harlow took Jessica under her wing and helped her along her journey.  “She really took a chance on me, ” Jessica says with great gratitude.
Keeping her head in the game, Jessica attended cosmetology school and earned her license.  “I took on a part time job doing eyelashes because I love eyelashes!”  She expressed with a laugh.  This helped her build her clientele and she just knew it was time to move on and focus on opening her own salon full time.  She explains with great pride, “Once I got my clients up I was ready to go.  I began collecting pieces of furniture from my family and picking up items from little shops.  I would store them in my attic until I opened up my salon.”
Within one year of obtaining her license, Jessica opened her salon!  By Jessica & Co. Beauty Lounge has been open since 2016.  This proved to be a difficult year for Jessica as she had lost her mother on top of taking on the challenges of being a brand new shop owner.  She says her faith and her wonderful staff are what got her through.  “God really got me through that time,” she says.  Referring to her staff, Jessica states, “I love my girls.  I’d be lost without them!”  Jessica has another motivator, actually two to be exact.  She has two sons, ages 17 and 20, whom she is very proud of.  “They are what push me, for sure.”
Clients will be pleased to know that Jessica’s salon works with an organic color line.  “I love making people feel beautiful, it’s my favorite part.  They really feel like my family,” she says.  Jessica is proof that with hard work, dedication, patience and a lot of faith, that you can achieve what you are most passionate about.

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