Tuesday 26 March 2019
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Jenna Scott : The World is a Canvas

story by Katrice Williams     photos by Miranda Osborn

Jenna Scott has been in the area for most of her life. The Sol C. Johnson graduate and her husband Josh are enjoying all of life’s creativities and wonders as much as possible each day.

      Jenna has been quite the artist for some time now. She decided that she wanted to paint in 10th grade, after she had initially focused much of her artistic talent on drawing. In fact, Jenna’s creative aptitude began at a very young age. However, she had very little actual painting experience, nor had she ever taken art classes. Nonetheless, she competed in various local art contests as a teenager. She had natural talent, and she really enjoyed the immense freedom of expression that painting allowed, unlike most other creative mediums.

      “I liked to express myself; I ended up being pretty okay at painting, so I stuck to it,” she said.

      What’s more, Jenna’s creative taste is all her own–undeniably imaginative and unique in nature. She finds little artistic fulfillment when painting more plain and standard pieces of art…it is certainly not as much fun. Jenna gives a whole new and interesting meaning to the phrase creative conglomerate.

      She mentions, “Most of the things I paint end up being spliced with other things, so there may be something with lobster hands and a wolf head. That sounds really weird, but it just happens.

I like things that give you more creativity. It’s all kinds of different things that are meshed together; it’s things that you wouldn’t expect to go together, but when they do, it’s beautiful.”

      Jenna appreciates all types of beauty. She is particularly inspired by the work of a couple of renown artists, including Salvador Dali, who, like Jenna, was also “highly imaginative;” the surrealist artist appreciated the more unusual, eccentric and even somewhat “bizarre” types of art, which often defined much of his work. She, too, has admired the work of M.C. Escher for some time, feeling that his “precision and skill” is often beyond compare.

      She remembers that one of her most favorite creations was a simple Edgar Allen Poe portrait that she masterfully drew in sidewalk chalk outside of her parent’s house. Still, her all-time favorite was a piece that she painted of Heath Ledger posing as The Joker.

      Jenna wholeheartedly knows that the opportunities and talents are endless for anyone who makes the decision to believe in themselves, whether about art or nearly any other aspect of life. She encourages other aspiring artists who are diligently striving towards their goals to have courage and self-confidence.

      “If you believe you can do something, you’ll find out that you can actually do it. If you see something you’d like to try, why not try it; the worse that can happen is if it doesn’t go right…you try again,” she stated.

      Jenna has a real passion for art and looks at all of the many aspects of her life as one big canvas of individuality. She jokes that there is even very little white space left on her walls at home, as nearly all of it is taken up with paintings and drawings. She and Josh would have it no other way. Hence, Jenna feels that art can be appreciated but “you can enjoy it” as well.

      She smiles and says, “Our house is every color in the rainbow, and it makes us happy.”

     Jenna has been an art instructor at Pooler’s very own Painting with a Twist art studio for over two years now. Jenna appreciates that co-owners Chris and Jessica Hamel gave her the opportunity to share her talents there. She admits that it is one of the best jobs that she has been privileged to have. Interestingly enough, Jenna initially became familiar with the opportunity after attending one of the art classes there.

      She comments, “It’s one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had.” Her work was so impressive that an instructor encouraged her to apply. Later, after applying and submitting her complete art portfolio, she was happy to be chosen to join the team.

      “I’m really glad it happened. The team really works well together,” she stated.

      Jenna and the team offer adults a reasonable two-hour painting session with an instructor. Normally, they provide an array of games and even some prizes for customers. On occasion, children are offered special youth art classes.

      Jenna feels that everyone has some form of artistic ability if they only try. In fact, she feels that all of the classes are “geared to people who have never picked up a paint brush.”

      Jenna says, “Anyone can be an artist. It’s fun art, not fine art…that’s what we emphasize here.”

      Jenna knows that most people panic when instructed to paint a particular picture on a blank canvas, not realizing their abilities. She loves to see a customer’s end product, when they are truly in awe of what they have created.

      She remarks, “My favorite part is the end when everybody steps back like ‘wow, I really did this.’ I like proving to them that they can accomplish it.”

      That said, Jenna also spends time as a reservations coordinator at Kelly Tours. Though it is far from acrylic paint and brushes, Jenna enjoys what she does there as well, especially since it allows her the opportunity to help others. It is obvious that Jenna has a great knack for working with people.

      She insists, “It’s creative in its own right. We get to create awesome memories for people.”

      Jenna aspires for her talent to play an even bigger role in her life. She even mentions the possibility of one day going back to school to focus on art therapy.

     She reveals, “I’d like to create more; I’d like to find a way to integrate art as a full-time thing in some fashion.”

     It is no surprise that the creative juices flow so strongly within Jenna, as she comes from a long line of talented relatives. In fact, Jenna greatly admires her grandma Shirley, as she has enjoyed creating beautiful art most of her life. Jenna’s mom Kimberly is also very artsy, having created gorgeous stained-glass art for a long time now. She mentions that her little sister Zanna is even an avid drawer. She talks about her dad John, who has “built everything at their house.” She feels that he may not know just how creatively artistic he actually is.

     “We’re a very creative family. We’re a very unique family…a very strong family, even though we may be a bit unconventional.” Yes, Jenna’s family means the world to her, and she appreciates all of their support. She asserts, “I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of my family.”

     Jenna is especially thankful for all of the love and support of her husband. Josh has been an incredible source of consistent encouragement and very supportive of all of Jenna’s dreams and artistic endeavors. He sincerely shows her that he believes in her. Besides making sure that she stays stocked with art supplies, he even set aside a special room in their home for her to have as a personal studio. “He’s very much my inspiration. I wouldn’t have started art again without him. If he wouldn’t have supported me, I never would have done it. I’m glad he did, because I’m so much happier now,” Jenna said.

     She smiles and talks about her husband’s artistry, having much more of an “edgy” feel.

     She adds, “He’s more into the punk-rock kind of art—that jagged, pointy, rough art. He’s really creative. I think he’s better at art than he realizes. I think we inspire each other.”

     She remembers a beautiful date on Skidaway Island. The couple found a private location in a quiet, wooded area and painted together—a memory to last a lifetime. She explains that they shared one canvas; she started painting on one side, and Josh began painting on the other. They continued painting towards the middle until their artwork met.

     In her spare moments, Jenna likes sewing and sometimes going to catch a good movie. Most of all, though, she loves her babies.

     She jokes, “I like my animals more than sewing. They all have really lengthy names that we only use when they’re in trouble.”

     Jenna and Josh have five cats, a hedge-hog, along with a tortoise and a hare—how ironic.

     Jenna states, “We rescued the hare as a joke, so that the tortoise could have a buddy; she doesn’t like the bunny, but the bunny likes the tortoise. I really like my animals a lot. Our animals are our kids for the foreseeable future.”

     Some often feel that life is art. Well, Jenna Scott is definitely a testament to how beautiful it can be when the world becomes your very own canvas.

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