Saturday 21 September 2019
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Day Trippin’ – A “Forever Place in the Lowcountry” Palmetto Bluff

story by Miranda Osborn photos by Miranda Osborn and D. Paul Graham

There’s a certain calm to the two-plus miles of oak-tree lined entryway to a sheltered hamlet in the Lowcountry and its 20,000 acre community called Palmetto Bluff. One of South Carolina’s best kept secrets – the Montage at Palmetto Bluff is a luxury getaway like no other. It draws you in, brings you home, and centers upon its guests and residents peace and tranquility. It is home to a Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course, an inn, Wilson’s Boat Landing, a shooting club, stables and more. Then, of course, there’s the exceptional spa and employees of unsurpassed quality and steadfastness.
From the doorman who greets you by name, to those who remember how you like everything from the way the table is set up, how you like your martinis, to what city you are visiting from. It’s like walking into a set of Cheers mixed with The Vanderbilt mansion. That the staff is like no other is no exaggeration – all come from different walks of life at different times, with smiles that stretch from ear to ear and never leave.
Vino and culinary treats abound and the hospitality is second to none. But it’s more than that. It’s a place to be free, to relax, to unwind and pass time playing games of old like Monopoly or Clue in the library in front of a gently flaming hearth on a rainy day. It’s also wending vistas of beauty along which to take a stroll or bike ride down the red brick paths that line the property in as many directions as the eye can see. There is peace and tranquility here like no other place many have experienced, let alone seen, and many choose this location to marry, take a family vacation, or simply escape from the ordinary – or other parts of the world (most of them snowy!)
No pretense awaits you at The Montage, or Buffalos, a delightful restaurant on the main strip serving signature casual Lowcountry fare with fabulous cuisine. Pimento cheese biscuits during a Sunday brunch are worth the price of admission alone.
A giant, resplendent tree house is enough to keep the kids occupied for hours while parents can relax in the hammocks underneath, play bocce or watch the beautiful egrets and herons that call this place home go about their daily routines.
Chef Anthony and his team create culinary masterpieces for their guests on a daily basis. From the most amazing pork chop anyone will ever have – braised in tea of all things – to the May river oysters the staff cook outside for guests to enjoy in season during happy hour. Take a kayak down the river, go to Wilson’s Landing, or find yourself on a charted adventure to anywhere, even if it’s just to watch the dolphins at sunset.
This slice of Lowcountry luxury at its finest, nestled along the May River with its gaslight- lined walkways have watched many a couple take a stroll and unwind, and witnessed parents with their littlest ones riding ahead making lazy circles on bikes for years. It’s a dog friendly establishment, and it’s a shorts-and-flipflops kind of place all the way to floor-length dresses and suits and ties as well. Whatever persona you prefer to elicit during your stay – even if it’s just for lunch – it’s quite all right. The staff will treat you exactly the same way and the experience will be just as memorable. There is just something so incredibly special the minute you drive through the gates and step foot on the exquisite grounds, and it’s an incredible latitude to find oneself.

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