Friday 18 October 2019
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Criminal Defense Attorney: Sneh Patel

story by Kelly Harley
Criminal defense attorney Sneh Patel has an edge when it comes to representing his clients in court. Not only does he have more than four years of criminal defense experience, he is a former public defender for Liberty County and former assistant district attorney for Chatham County. “Reputation and good standing with the courts goes a long way and is always an intangible asset which my clients benefit from by hiring me,” says Patel. “Having practiced both as a prosecutor and defense attorney has allowed me to build a good reputation among my peers and in front of the courts.”
In 2014, Patel opened The Patel Law Firm and is a sole practitioner. He focuses on criminal defense, representing clients facing misdemeanors and felonies. He handles driving under the influence (DUI) cases, traffic violations, drug possession charges and other criminal cases. Patel recognizes that when someone is charged with a crime, they stand a lot to lose. He says it’s imperative to hire a seasoned lawyer to represent you. “In some cases, your liberty is at stake and you could be facing significant jail or prison time, your financial freedom might be at stake and you could be facing hefty fines,” says Patel. “You simply can’t afford to hire a novice that is not experienced enough or has not had enough exposure to the legal system to defend you.”
Patel is passionate when it comes to defending his clients. He says there are a lot of grey areas in the law and it depends on which perspective you are seeing things from and often times no matter what perspective you look from, it’s wrong. “My best comes out in me when I see something that is genuinely objectively unfair. I feel most passionate when I get to point out this wrong and fight to make it right,” says Patel.
This is particularly true when it comes to DUI cases. Patel defends many clients who are facing the consequences of driving drunk. His years as a prosecutor in state court have a tremendous impact on the DUI defense strategies he prepares for clients. As a prosecutor, his primary duties were to handle misdemeanor cases and most of the trials he was involved in were DUI trials. He worked closely with police officers to build cases against the accused. “I learned what officers do, how they do it and how they are supposed to do things,” says Patel. “This knowledge, combined with multiple seminars I attend on cutting-edge issues regarding DUI laws, gives me the expertise to handle any DUI case.” Patel is a member of the National College for DUI Defense and has taken the DUI alcohol detection course that cadets take and has attended Drug Recognition Expert courses, courses that specially trained officers take to recognize someone who may be driving under the influence of drugs. “DUI laws and procedures are very technical and it takes someone who has dedicated significant time in learning this area of the law to be proficient in defending such cases,” says Patel.
No matter the case, Patel says his clients’ needs always come first. “First and foremost, I’m actually the person you talk to when you call the office,” says Patel. “The truth is many attorneys have a secretary or staff member who screens calls before you even get to talk to the attorney.” Patel chose to practice differently. When you hire Patel, you get Patel. “I will be your contact person from the beginning of your case to the end of your case. It gives me an opportunity to really get to know you and your case while giving you an opportunity to see me and understand the progress of your case,” says Patel. Patel says that is the part he enjoys most; being able to work with clients and explain complex legal issues in a way that they will understand and relate to.
Patel also says he is honest with his clients and that genuine quality is what sets him apart from others. “I will tell you the truth about your case and whether or not you have one. I am blunt and straightforward. I’m as equally hardworking and ready to fight for you and your rights to the fullest extent possible,” says Patel. “I will always have your best interests at heart.”
Patel is a life member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, a member of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Georgia Bar Association. The Patel Law Firm offers free consultations.

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