Saturday 21 September 2019
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Counter Fitters: A Family Owned Solution, Close to Home

story and photos by Miranda Osborn-Sutphen

For over 25 years, Barry Brennan and his team at Counter Fitters have worked hard to go the extra mile for their customers. From the moment a customer walks into their showroom, their main objective is to ensure that the customer has a seamless experience until the job is completed.
Brennan purchased Counter Fitters in the late ’90’s.  At the time, there were only two employees and they have grown to almost 20 employees since then. “We have a lot of great employees here that have helped us get to where we are now,” Brennan says.
With the quippy tag line, “Ask our customers and they will tell you that ‘We are Tops,’” Counter Fitters is one of the most renowned locally-owned companies, installing quality custom countertops in Savannah and the surrounding areas for more than two and a half decades. Counter Fitters has been voted Best Countertop Company in the Savannah area for the last 4 years. “We are certified fabricators and installers of granite, quartz, marble and solid surface countertops. Whether it is a commercial project, new construction or a remodel of your current home, our team of experts can guide you through an array of products to find the perfect countertop for your project,” comments owner Brennan.
The company has worked on everything from residential properties to dinner boats, jets and to their favorite project, a 190+ft mega yacht. The company also spends a good portion of their time giving back to charity. Brennan’s wife was past president of the Ronald McDonald Foundation and his daughter was on the Foundation’s teen board. Counter Fitters is also heavily committed to St. Jude’s and has worked with them several times in the past on houses where they have donated and installed their products for charity. “We’re very involved and like to give back to the community whenever we can,” Brennan elaborates.
Everything is done in-house, and that’s one of Counter Fitter’s biggest selling points. “That’s the first question a lot of people ask,” comments sales representative Kim Waters. “We handle everything in-house, from template to installation,” she adds.
“We work really hard to go the extra mile for our customers. We want to make sure everyone has a great experience,” adds Waters. “From the minute you enter our showroom, you can see that we work hard to be very professional and well organized.  We ensure that our showroom samples are up to date so that customers are seeing the latest and greatest of products available on the market. We try to stay on top of industry trends so that we’re directing customers to what’s current in the marketplace,” Waters adds.
“We hire good people that want to work with other good people,” adds Brennan. “Several of our employees have been with Counter Fitters for over 18 years. We try to make it at a fun place to work, because when you’re happy at work, you’re happy with your customers, and your customers can see that.”
But what sets Counter Fitters apart is their number one commitment to customer satisfaction. “We’re very knowledgeable. Everyone on staff here has been doing this for extended periods of time,” adds Waters. “Most of our employees have 10-20-year’s-experience in cabinets and countertops, so we have a wealth of knowledge to draw from.  It’s a real team effort on every job. We brainstorm together and come up with the best solution for our customers,” Waters continues. “Making patterns flow correctly, making sure seams are as unnoticeable as possible… it takes a lot of technical knowledge and we definitely have that. We’re not just order takers, we help the customer to make sure the finished product is going to be exactly what they had in mind, and we have a wide variety of products at different price points to help them attain the look they want AND meet their budget.”

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