Tuesday 21 August 2018
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Coastal Audiology

Story By: David Pena

Here Ye, Here Ye!

Coastal Audiology offers Pooler residents a unique and

more cost effective approach to help combat hearing loss.

With the onset of all kinds of gizmos and gadgetry in our culture in the past few years, as well as the overuse of the hearing devices that accompany them, it’s no wonder that more and more people of all ages are being affected by substantial amounts of hearing loss these days. Dawn MacMillan, proprietor of Coastal Audiology, says that she’s seen quite an increase in the need for hearing devices in the time she’s been in practice. “There’s documented evidence that young people are suffering the consequences of deteriorated hearing loss much earlier than they have in years past,” she says. “There is definitely a need for what we can offer now more than ever before due to lifestyle choices.”

MacMillan’s practice, Coastal Audiology, Inc., is a full-service Audiology and hearing healthcare practice specializing in a full-range of hearing aids from a variety of leading manufacturers. Coastal Audiology also boasts a complete range of hearing protection products for hunters, musicians, swimmers, along with many more recreational and occupational uses. Additionally, the Hearing Aid Center offers a wide variety of listening devices for individuals who may need some assistance with hearing but aren’t quite ready for a hearing aid. This includes but is not limited to amplified telephones,  television listening systems, and Bluetooth-compatible headsets.

MacMillan is a life-long Pooler resident who has always managed to stay in touch with her roots. “My parents moved here when I was six months old. After getting my degree from the University of North Texas, I came back home and interviewed with a couple of practices in town and was actually offered a position with one of them. However, my philosophy of patient care was a bit different from theirs, so I chose to open my own practice.”

Since first opening its doors in 2004, Coastal Audiology has been offering Pooler residents a full range of products from a variety of manufacturers to give them the very best options for their hearing loss. MacMillan also says that she enjoys a certain hometown advantage to practicing in Pooler. “Many of my patients are folks that I’ve known my entire life, from softball coaches to teachers to relatives of friends that I’ve grown up with. They’re people that I see in the grocery store or church, so I already know many of the factors that can help me to determine the best product for them.”

MacMillan says that what sets Coastal Audiology apart is the specialized patient care that other providers may not offer. “I try to find solutions for anyone seeking better hearing, no matter what their financial situation is. I really don’t agree with a ‘one size fits all approach.’”

While hearing aids can range in price from $200 a piece to well over $1000, the typical dispensing model with regards to hearing devices is to provide a ‘bundled’ plan that may end up costing upwards of $5000 or more. In this scenerio, a client would receive a pair of professionally fitted hearing aids along with their professional care in a ‘package.’

According to MacMillan, this approach may be cost prohibitive to a lot of people who might otherwise best be served by paying for services when and if they need it. “I always try to find a plan that will fit their budget and lifestyle while still offering them a quality hearing device. I don’t try to sell unnecessary services that will only increase the cost. It is truly personalized patient care. I take into account the client’s physical limitations, lifestyle and budget when offering them any service or product.”

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