Friday 22 November 2019
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BURN Boot Camp

What sets Burn Boot Camp apart is our community.” says Steph Worley, Burn Boot Camp Franchise Partner, “Words can’t fully describe it. You have to walk in the door and experience it.” Steph and her husband Jared opened the Pooler location of Burn Boot Camp in August 2018 and are honored to be part of the Pooler health and fitness community.

Burn Boot Camp was founded by Devan and Morgan Kline in 2012 and has grown to over 200 locations nationwide. Burn Boot Camp offers an even mix of challenging exercises, unique programming and a fun atmosphere. It is their goal to make sure that you never do the same workout twice and always aim for continual progress. Burn caters to women but does offer limited co-ed camps.


What makes Burn so successful?


Unlimited Camps

Burn offers 45 minute group workouts called “camps” and camps are unlimited meaning there is no limit on the number of camps you can attend. Camps are available Monday-Saturday, and you are not required to sign up in advance—just show up at a time that is convenient for you! Steph explains, “Our workouts are tough but can be modified for all fitness levels— from beginners to athletes. We don’t use intimidating machines, and we don’t have a weight room. We use equipment such as dumbbells, kettle bells, etc. and bodyweight.

Every Sunday a new weekly protocol is released from HQ and the protocol is the same for every Burn Boot Camp location. The protocol alternates between burst (HIIT), think cardio, and strength training. Workout programming, however, is created by the training team at each location. Pooler’s team of Certified Personal Trainers is led by Head Trainer Christina Cocita. Who better to lead strong women than a strong woman?


Complimentary Childwatch

Parents can workout worry-free with Burn’s complimentary Childwatch services. Steph reassures, “We have a great Childwatch team. Each team member has been vetted and is experienced.” Your child will enjoy Burn Boot Camp just as much as you do!


Focus Meetings

Burn Boot Camp is truly a Lifestyle Transformation Program. Steph states, “We don’t only focus on your workout. With ‘optionally-mandatory’ Focus Meetings, our trainers will know the ins and outs of your nutrition habits, mindset challenges and personal goals.” These 1:1 appointments are included with every trial and membership for no additional cost.


Membership Perks

Every member enjoys a universal membership to any one of the over 200 Burn Boot Camp locations. If you are travelling, you can workout at another location for free. If you move, you may transfer your membership, as well.


Free 14 Day Trial

Steph and Jared started their fitness journey together 3 years ago with no formal training, simply a desire to change. After training at home for a year and a half and at the urging of friends, Steph went to Burn Boot Camp’s Bluffton location for a free trial. She says, “After that first camp, I went home and signed Jared up for a trial. Seven months later, we started the process to bring Burn Boot Camp to Pooler.”


“I truly believe women in every community need access to a Burn Boot Camp. It can change your life. Burn offers a no obligation 14 day free trial—no credit card required to sign up. Saturday camps are also free, co-ed and open to the public. Just show up 15 minutes before your first camp to get started. Burn is a fitness community full of encouragement not competition. We dish out a lot of high fives! Try us for free and see for yourself. “


Start your free 14 Day Test Drive
by signing up at

Your Burn Boot Camp Pooler Team

118 Pipemakers Circle Suite 107

Pooler, GA 31322




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